5 Ways to Make your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Want a good night’s sleep? Maybe some of these would help…

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5 Ways to Make your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Not getting enough sleep? Well, your décor might be the villain!

According to leading interior experts, Australians tend to over-clutter their bedrooms with items and strong colours that have a less-than-soothing effect on our minds.

To help you relax and get a proper night’s sleep, The Home’s senior stylist Marjorie Silva has given her top tips to bringing relaxation back where it’s needed most – the bedroom.

  1. It’s time to de-clutter! Rid your bedroom of stuffed toys – an extensive teddy bear collection can clutter spaces, gather dust. The more you have to look at the least restful the space will be.
  2. Introduce soft lighting, like candles or fairy lights, into the room to rest your eyes, therefore helping you relax.
  3. Try adding scents to your room; choose a calming aroma such as lavender. Room sprays, pillow mists, candles or linen water can all help engage all your senses towards a relaxing mood.
  4. Invest in some beautiful bedding…. hopping into a comfy bed at the end of the day instantly takes you to that beautiful, relaxed hotel feeling. High quality natural fibre sheets, soft underlays, in season doonas, all contribute for the quest for the perfect rest.
  5. Stop using the computer and electronics in bed – distance yourself from the hectic outside world and keep your bed a personal sanctuary.

For more information, visit www.thehome.com.au


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